Because we understand the powerful impact connectivity has on a community, we are proud to offer dependable, innovative, and sustainable transportation solutions with an emphasis on safety and efficiency for all stakeholders.

The DELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC team has delivered transportation infrastructure for federal, state and local agencies for a wide range of projects. Our transportation expertise ranges from planning, engineering and management to construction phase services. We conduct transportation planning and feasibility studies, develop project alternatives and traffic calming measures, execute safety improvement projects, and deliver preliminary and final engineering designs for all modes of ground transportation, including transit, bicycles and pedestrians.

At DELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC, we solve our clients complex water challenges with exceptional service and integrated, sustainable solutions. Our multidisciplinary team offers engineering and consulting services for the full range of water issues: drainage and flood control, hydraulic structures, sedimentation and erosion control, hydrogeology, potable water supply, reclaimed water planning and design, and wastewater management.

We are excited to be participating in the Reinvest Initiative, a collaboration among eight partner cities in the United States with leading engineering, legal, and financial firms with the goal of developing new public-private partnerships to help cities develop more flexible, sustainable, and integrated networks and use public resources more efficiently to leverage private investment in building stronger communities in rebuilding aging water, energy, and transportation systems.

The DELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC team has built a robust repertoire of experience working on Facilities and Vertical Structures in the US and around the world. Our experience includes educational facilities, health facilities and hospitals, markets, and various government and private sector office and commercial buildings within the United States.

Using a holistic approach that requires a thorough understanding of the local project context, our services span the entirety of a projects’ lifetime from design – architectural, structural, landscape, and interior – to construction management and administration. We also offer Third Party Review Services to our clients for complete Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection Engineering as a part of our commitment to deliver comprehensive solutions for all of our client’s needs

The DDELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC team approaches each project with a big-picture perspective by understanding the full ecosystem of energy expenditure and environmental impacts. This approach allows us to incorporate efficient, comprehensive on-site energy enhancements like storm water management systems and the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels, as well as factors like strategic site placement to minimize visitor traffic pollution.

Our eco-friendly design philosophy encourages us to do more with less energy and fewer resources. We minimize waste, pollution, and the use of toxic materials; we work to enhance and support natural systems; and we are committed to constantly educating ourselves, our communities, and our partners to deliver a sustainable future.

We are proud to announce that all the projects we are currently engaged in are slated for at least LEED silver certification.