Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of economic growth. Since 1974, our team of global professionals has strived to incorporate the latest technologies, and provide advanced construction and operational expertise to maintain, improve and increase both the physical assets and institutional capacity necessary for comprehensive, sustainable results.

At present, we have successfully completed engineering design and construction supervision for over 35,000 km of roads in more than 30 countries. Our past projects range from high speed, limited access toll roads, to rural labor-based feeder roads.

To ensure the maintenance and continuity of project objectives, we are also committed to strengthening institutional infrastructure across stakeholders. Between developing community-oriented road safety training courses, to catalyzing Public-Private-Partnerships for greater private sector investment, our breadth of experience allows us to create tailored, innovative solutions to meet both client and community needs across all aspects of transport infrastructure.

Our engineers understand how diverse populations across the globe depend on agriculture as a primary, and often sole, source of income. That’s why at DELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC we work with government clients in Asia and Africa to make sure their needs are addressed, and that they have modern agricultural and irrigation infrastructures as well as robust institutional capacities and skills to ensure sustained economic growth and strengthened livelihoods for their citizens.

At the on-farm level we have over 30 years’ experience working with farmers and water user associations using participatory irrigation and development methods. DELTA ENGINEERING LLC pioneered participatory irrigation methods beginning in the mid 1980’s in Sri Lanka where we developed and implemented a federated water user association hierarchy that eventually allowed farmers to take full control of their system management and O&M through private contractors.

Additionally, we have a strong track record implementing projects from project preparation and feasibility studies to design and construction supervision. At the national and regional levels we have prepared integrated water resources management plans (IWRM) for conjunction use planning and management of water resources, reviewed and revised state and national water laws, prepared trans-boundary water plans, developed river basin authorities and prepared river basin modeling tools. At the farm level, we have over 30 years’ experience working with farmers and water user associations using participatory irrigation and development methods

Our experts are skilled and experienced in helping governments and farmers find practical and acceptable methods to ensure equitable irrigation schemes and to increase agricultural yields, forging new linkages throughout the value chain.

We provide professional engineering and management services in the water supply, sanitation and drainage sector for USAID, MCC, ADB, World Bank and others. Beginning in Sudan and Egypt in the early 1980s, the Delta team has over 30 years’ experience developing water supply and sanitation systems across Africa and Asia. We work closely with our clients to make progress towards meeting global MDG targets, improving local health outcomes, and ensuring lasting economic benefits.

Our team of experts understands the multidimensional aspects of water supply and sanitation and is skilled at providing services in feasibility, design, engineering and supervision. We are also dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the proper institutional capacity to manage their water and sanitation assets for generations to come.

Effective monitoring and evaluation is critical to the design and implementation of successful, sustainable, and socially conscious infrastructure development worldwide. For this reason, in 1990 DELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC established a dedicated team of monitoring and evaluation specialists to ensure that communities around the world receive maximum benefits and minimal disruptions from local infrastructure projects.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in all of Delta’s infrastructure sectors, as well as direct access to additional technical design and engineering expertise from DELTA ENGINEERING LLC's full-time staff of engineers and architects. Because of this, the DELTA ENGINEERING LLC's team is uniquely qualified to create, review, and implement comprehensive, informed M&E programs.

As an engineering company,DELTA ENGINEERING LLC’s monitoring and evaluation experience also includes quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) functions while supervising road and other infrastructure construction. This includes performance monitoring of sub-contractors on the quality, timeliness, and cost control of construction, adherence to procurement procedures, and routine inspection and verification.

With ever-increasing global demand for energy and mounting environmental concerns, innovative energy solutions are critical for successful infrastructure investment and sustainable development. Our team is committed to creating cost-effective energy solutions to ensure both environmental and economic well-being.

DELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC works closely with clients to achieve these results. From policy design and regulatory compliance to construction management and supervision, our team’s expertise covers the spectrum of energy and environmental services to help governments and communities meet their growing energy needs.